Changing Cylinders

Cylinder replacement, without having to change the lock!

Changing Cylinders

Changing Cylinders

Exclusive Security Cylinders

Indispensable for enhancing the security of your locks.
We offer an exclusive cylinder profile, which is GERA-WS protected, made by the German brand GERA.
The keys are reversible and anti-corrosive, resistant to wear and comfortable to use.
Reproduction of keys is prohibited without the presentation of a proof of ownership card.

  • 6 pins on each side;
  • Anti-drilling;
  • Rotor with rounded head;
  • Matt nickel finish;
  • Irreplicable keys.

Have you lost your keys or do you need new ones for safety?

Have your tenants left without leaving behind all the keys to your premises?

Do you want to renew the cylinder of your lock, replace one which is defective or upgrade to improve the security of your home? Take advantage of the expertise of our locksmiths who will advise you, helping you to find the best solution for any type of lock, without necessarily having to change the lock itself, including:

  • Cylinder lock;
  • Security lock for reinforced security doors;
  • Letterbox lock;
  • Furniture lock (wardrobe, drawers ...);
  • Garage lock;
  • Lock for glass doors;
  • ...Etc.
Exclusive Security Cylinders GERA

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