Armored Doors

we install custom armored doors that resist all attempts of burglary.

we install custom ar

Armored Doors

G-BLOCK reinforced security doors built according to EN 1627 specifications:

G-Block has been producing reinforced security doors for several decades. The company is sensitive to the evolution of the market and continually adapts its products to meet the changing requirements of its customers. G-Block develops effective security products, suitable for both interior and exterior use, thanks to its many partnerships with specialist manufacturers.
By browsing their site ()you will find more information on the many features that characterise G-Block products, demonstrating the strength of its manufacturing process..
In all the systems you will note that the goal is to make the doors in harmony with their surroundings, which can cause a surprise effect during the break-in.

An armored door can have no weak points. Its frame, its hinges, its opening and its lock must bring, together, a homogeneous security, in order to resist any attempts of break-in.

We carry out high quality custom-made armored door installations and for all types of access:

  • Front door.
  • Apartment door.
  • Cellar door.
  • ETC...

  • Standard EN 1627.
  • 3-point security lock.
  • Armored doors resistant to burglary.
  • Best quality price report.

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